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With our team of Radio Professionals and our Modern technology, combine with Old School roots,  Splash Radio has a diverse portfolio of services. 

Water and Amusement Parks need an outlet to share important info, promote events across the park and play family friendly music, what better way than with our park’s own radio station.


Sound Brand your Brand with a custom in-store radio station.


Casinos are upbeat and require great music and the ability to share important information and events. Casino radio can take the burden off your employees, play great upbeat music, DJ’s can announce promotions and special events. Sound as professional as you look with your own Casino Radio.


Entertain and engage with your shoppers with your 100% custom Grocery Store Radio. It’s the right message at the right time every our of the day. 

No better way to increase sales than with great music and DJ’s sharing weekly ad products, services and promotions. 

Creating your Grocery Store radio reaches your shoppers no matter where there eyes are pointed. 


Deliver a real custom experience through just the right music, DJ’s and brand bumpers that takes your C-Store brand to a whole new level.
Trigger high-impulse buys and bring customers inside from the pump.
Create the perfect energy and establish a consistent brand voice with DJ messaging.


Nothing is more powerful than a custom Car Dealer Radio Station. The perfect music, DJs sharing information and Branding Bumpers to keep your name in their head.


For some businesses a complete custom radio station with DJs may not make sense or be needed. Check out our Signature Radio! Create the perfect music mix with background Branding Elements. 

It’s a great way to add a clean, custom, professional sound to create the finishing touch to your High End business with all the control of our custom Radio Stations.



With Restaurant Radio your establishment now has it’s own Radio Station. Deliver a custom experience through music, options like DJ’s and brand elements that takes your restaurant brand to whole new level.

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Whether you have a full service car wash, flex, self-serve or express wash, Splash Radio’s Car Wash Radio can create a Fun, Powerful marketing tool. It’s like having a full time service and marketing attendant.


What better way to announce session times than with your rink’s own custom radio station. 

DJ’s can announce open and close of session times, promote upcoming events and share important rink info all between the music just like a professional radio station.


You’ve heard it, the soothing sounds of the ocean or that steady sound of the fan in the background. Skip the music and turn your speakers into a soothing white noise machine.

Perfect for that quiet atmosphere. White Noise is a great way to drown out conversations that fill the room and break concentration. 

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No music, just silence (or White Noise) and Branding Messages by professional DJs.

A great way to welcome customers and visitors, remind them to be careful. Have a message play every few minutes or have one play at just the right time. Between each message is just silence or white noise, no music.

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Splash Radio is more than just a Radio Station creation company. We also have access to hundreds of Top Voice professionals and create radio commercials here in our studio.

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