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Splash Radio is 100% service-oriented! You talk with a real human! 100% customized! Everything is tailored to your business, including music, messaging, and the DJs. What this means for you is that Splash Radio offers you exactly what you want. Not sure what you really want? Our professionals will help guide you to great custom programming just for your company.

Splash Radio uses the best of both worlds with our Media Player! First, our Media Player is all you need at your location hooked to your sound system.

Second, it’s no-maintenance quality will save you on power, using just 6 watts, no more major installations or antennas to fix or adjust.

 And last, our media player comes with a lifetime warranty as long as you have our service. That means if anything goes wrong with the player at anytime, a replacement will be shipped to you at no cost.

If you already have a sound system, our player is all you need to get your custom channel into your location. 

Of course! Connecting the receiver to your sound system is simple. However, the cat 5 (internet) cable must be plugged into your working internet connection via your router or switch. If you don’t feel comfortable with this we can work with our IT department or anyone who handles your network.

Our delivery format only takes ups 24 to 64 kbps of your internet bandwidth.  Our service will never hog up your important data tunnel.

Our basic format is FM Stereo quality, better sound than XM/Sirius. HD sound is available!

Splash Radio monthly service takes care of the payments to royalties like ASCAP, BMI, GMR and SESAC, the organizations that represent the music copyright holders. It also includes regular changes to music programming, tech support for our broadcast equipment and all taxes and fees.

The Copyright Law of the United States, states that the owner or operator of the establishment where the music is being played is responsible for obtaining the required authorization. The compensation you provide to a performer such as a FM radio, or a band does not relieve you of this obligation. When you purchase a record, tape, compact disc, DVD or similar product you are granted the authorization for a non-public performance, such as in your home or car. There is no public performance right attached to the sale of these products and if you decide to play this music in your establishment you are required to obtain authorization from the copyright owner or their representative. Splash Radio’s service includes all copy write protections.

No. You can put all of your locations under one account and receive one bill.

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