Our Custom Water Park Radio service introduces Seasonal Water Parks to a new creative way of managing the music and their own advertising messages.  Our service gives water parks an affordable way to tailor the perfect music mix and then add real DJ’s to announce specials, share event information, sponsorships and just keep visitors entertained.  

The service content, including the DJ’s and Image Bumpers, are handled here at our studios and 100% customized to your Water Park, no more sharing valuable advertsing time with other vendors your not associated with. This is your Water Park Radio!

 Take a look:


Let’s create a custom blend of music (even from your current playlist) that brings out the right atmosphere of the park with Artists specific to  and recommendations from Splash Radio’s repertoire.

Day part the music and tailor it to the specific time of the day or event. (etc..Radio Hits and mix of 70’s, 80’s, 90’s in the afternoon, upbeat Dance Hits in the evening)

Have specific songs play at a specific time of day, have a theme song, play it at a certain time.

Using Splash Radio to create your own Water Park Radio will enable your manager/employees to focus on more pressing issues, not the music, we will do that for you. No worries about what is playing, with your own custom Water Park Radio, you can be sure you are playing and sharing the exact music you want with all Radio edits and better.

With our system the playlist is freshened every day, so the same songs are not playing over and over. Plus with add on options like your own Jukebox and Remote Access you can have more control over what plays 24/7.


Use professional, yet fun DJ messages between the music to help drive sales, promote events and most of all, keep your visitors happy and playing longer.  Plus, it’s COOL, your Park has their own DJ’s!!! They sound live!

Talk about certain events or services at specific times of the day.

Create customer interaction with Customer Shout-Outs. A creative and fun way to give your customers a chance to brag about their favorite things about your park over the speakers!

Changes to any messaging or promos can be made quickly and on-the-fly simply by emailing the script or recorded messages to Splash Radio or using the remote VT manager software as an option. Either way our staff is here to help with any changes 24/7.

Have a  Big Promotion weekend and want to do live annoucements throughout the park? All you need is a computer, Microphone, and our VT Software and you can upload live messages to your Park Radio to play throughout the day.


With your Custom Water Park Radio service, each park now has an option to give their visitors a visual of what is playing plus a chance for your visitors to help create the music mix with the virtual Jukebox feature.

Enable your visitors to access the jukebox via their mobile phone and/or a walk-up touch screen. Your visitors can search through your library of songs, request and be a part of the music decisions.

Also promote and share event and service information via a fun digital banner


The Splash Radio media player is a simple, small but advanced plug and play device with no moving parts.

The media player is the only piece of equipment needed to receive the audio content and connects to your current sound system and internet connection. 

The media player requires only 24-50kps of internet connection and uses only 6 watts of power,  saving you money in both power usage and “NO” maintenance costs.  Really! With service your player comes with a lifetime warranty at no charge.

Contact us today for all the details and about our 45 day money back guarantee.


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