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Check out our full line-up of expertly curated music channels that provide hundreds of hours of music. They are updated each week with major label artists, affordable, licensed for business use and balanced for tempo changes.


Alt Pop

An upbeat, light mix of today’s Pop Alternative/Indie Pop songs. It’s the fluffy side of Alternative!


Mix of pop and rock of the 50s and 60s.

Splash Blender

A soft-to-medium blend of light pop hits from the last 30 years.


Upbeat variety of adult pop/pop-fused hits with a hint of rock.

Splash Cafe

Let’s grab a cup, relax and enjoy the creativity of the singer/songwriters.


A blend of Rock and Pop, with a touch of Disco from the 80s.

Disco Freak

The best of the 70s and 80s Disco Era

Classic Lights

A soft blend of pop/rock from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.


A soft to medium blend of instrumental pop hits versions from the last 30 years.

Splash Hits

A blend of today’s top 40 hits.

City Bites

Inspired by the  long time local OKC Deli, enjoy a great blend of Classic light Pop, infused with Today’s light Indie, Adult and Singer Songwriter Pop. Clean, Fresh, Enjoyable!


Alt Rock

A low-key fusion of rock artists left of the radio dial.

Classic Rock & Roll

This is Real Rock & Roll Hits of the 70’s and 80’s. Hard Hitting to Pump You Up.


A medium tempo blend of the rock hits from the 70’s and 80’s.

Twelve Bar Blues

A mix of Blues Rock with a blend of your favorite Classics, creating a great Rockin Blues Vibe.

Adult Rock (AAA)

A low to medium fusion of hits and album cuts from today’s chart topping adult rock/indie artists. Classic Road House sound.

The Rock

A variety blend of medium tempo to heavy Rock and Roll hits from the 90s to today, fused with alternative artists.

Vinyl Spins

The 60s & 70s rock hits that made records famous.


Country Hits

Today’s Country Chart Hits with a dusting of upcoming Hits and B-side tracks.

Country Yesterday

Country Hits of Y2K. With a sprinkle of the Best Hits of Today!

Country Legends

Today’s Country Chart Hits with a dusting of upcoming Hits and B-side tracks.


The ALT side of Country. Welcome to Texas and Oklahoma Red Dirt and Southern Country Rock.


Chill Out

Let’s chill with smooth electronic, jazzy lounge.


Medium blend of electronic pop w/ a touch of an R&B feel. “A very fashion-forward channel.”

Club Splash

Pipe the club in, this is today’s top 40 hits in dance remixes.

Urban/Rhythm & Blue


Today’s urban rap and hip hop with a touch of classics.


A blend of soulful and smooth R&B.


It’s all in the Name! A great mix of Classic Motown Favorites.



No Lyics, just Smooth Upbeat Jazz Fusion.

Smooth Jazz

A blend of smooth jazz mixed with a little fusion.


An all-time blend of great works from classical to piano. It’s masterpieces at their best!


Your Classic and New Movie Scores, with a touch of SoundTracks.


No lyics, just Smooth Relaxing Jazz Fusion.

Vocal Jazz

Bringing back the “Rat Pack” fused with other great legendary vocal piano/jazz artists including fresh new talent of today.


A blend of ambient chill to relax the soul.



The Songs of Love, a Great Mix of your Favorite Bachata Artists.

Del Norte

Break out the Accordion and Bajo and let’s play. Here is a mix of popular Norteno Music.

Pop Latin

Today’s chart-topping latin pop hits sprinkled with some traditional favorites.

Border Fiesta

Cross the border for the Tex-Mex music experience with a fusion of regional Mexican flavors.

Latin Tinge

It’s rhythmic inspiration from both Afro-Cuban music and jazz, fused togther and perfect for a classy, upbeat vibe.

Tropical Flavor

A fusion of upbeat latin flavor from salsa, merengue, cumbia, bachata, fused with latin pop and rock hits.

Christian Pop


The best of TOP 40 Inspirational Hits.


A great blend of today’s adult pop Christian artists.


Cajun Frottoir

The emblematic music of Louisiana! Creole-based, cajun-influenced zydeco is playing now!

Italy Nights

A night out in Italy with Italian-infused electronic, jazz, and pop grooves.


Soothing, ocean-like sound designed to muffle conversations, enhancing privacy.

New Orleans

Take me home to New Orleans where the sound of Dixieland jazz started and thrives.

Italian Dining

Dine in style with classics from Italy infused with soft hits and Italian lounge.


Island Beats

Let’s head to the islands of the Caribbean with the sweet sounds of Reggae.


Cow Bell Christmas

Country Christmas hits from your favorite artists.

Holiday Hits

Christmas hits from your favorite pop & lite rock artists.

Spanglish Christmas

A great mix of Christmas Hits from your Favorite Latin and American Artists. Covering Latin Pop and Mexican to Traditional and Today’s Pop American.

Traditional Holiday

Holiday favorites for Christmas.

Halloween Hits

Your favorite kid-friendly Halloween hits and spooky sound effects.

Musical Christmas

Holiday favorites for Christmas, instrumental style.

The Gift

Today’s Hot Contemporary Inspirational Christmas Hits.

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